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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. new clues in a bay area cold case. the discovery giving hope to the mother of michaela garecht. >> and big stakes in the vice- presidential debate. how tonight's showdown could swing the campaign momentum. skies cloudy, chance of showers, even more thunderstorms. we'll talk about it coming up. >> if your commute takes you through marin county we're seeing unusual delays leaving novato. we'll tell you why coming up. all right. liz, good morning, everyone. thursday october 11, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. new hope for the mother of a kidnapped hayward girl. investigators seeing if evidence might lead to the "speed freak" killers to the disappearance of her daughter decades ago. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec has new clues in the case. >> reporter: her mother wrote on her facebook page last night, dear michaela, this could be in. she is talking about a bone
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fragment that was found. they tested it here at the hayward police department. the results were inconclusive. that bone now being sent to a lab in virginia. the results could take weeks. but there are some reasons to believe that that bone fragment could belong to michaela garecht. she was abducted in hayward in 1988. that bone was initially given to the family of another victim, joann hobson's remains found in a well in linden, a well where remains from victims of two serial killers dubbed the "speed freak" killers have been found. that was back in february. when hobson's family received the remains, they ordered some tests, suspicious after seeing investigators dig up the burial site with a backhoe. that testing found 28 of the bone fragments given to the family belonged to other people. at least three other people, including a child between the ages of 5 and 14. michaela was 9 when she disappeared. >> i don't know how else to live because we've lived this
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way for so long searching for michaela and hoping she would come home. >> reporter: now, a sketch of michaela's alleged kidnapper does look similar to "speed freak" serial killer loren herzog. his killing spree partner, wesley shermantine, wrote a jailhouse letter that seems to call out loren herzog saying that he had family that lived in castro valley right by hayward. michaela's mother writes if this is confirmed, i will be glad to know the truth simply because it is the truth. live in hayward, anne makovec, cbs 5. this just in from colorado. investigators are confirming a body was found in a park that they say the search still continues for a 10-year-old girl who went missing. jessica ridgeway was last seen friday when she left home for school. investigators found human remains yesterday. ridgeway is believed to have been abducted. 6:02. a break into the investigation. a murder of a retired teacher
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in her hercules home. two people are being held for a crime spree that began with a jail break in san bernardino county in august ended with a police chase near seattle yesterday. police there spotting the stolen car of murder victim susie ko. they say the drive rammed patrol cars with the subaru. they arrested 24-year-old darnell washington and his 25- year-old wife tania. >> initial reaction is a little bit of relief. we have been so hard since the event happened to find some major clue in finding this car. >> hercules police have flown up to washington to question the couple about ko's killing and they are also suspects in the attempted murder of an l.a. counties sheriff's deputy last month. san jose's serial arsonist apparently strikes again. a garbage bin was set on fire around 8:00 last night on the 1100 block of delna manor lane the same area fire officials handed out flyers about the arsons earlier yesterday. the fire was put out by good
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samaritans before crews got there. this is the ninth trash bin fire in the area. it is 6:04. we have two words for weather, cumulonimbus. >> you said that pretty well. >> i wrote it down. >> cumulonimbus or a thunderstorm. we saw some of that around the bay area and today we can see that again. in fact, it's those cumulonimbus clouds the only type of cloud that will produce pictures like this. this is what happened in parts of the south bay yesterday, hail showing up outside and not just your normal bay area hail. this stuff was nickel to quarter-sized hail coming down. that is impressive. that can even dent your car. we could see a return of some thunderstorms today. right now it is pretty quiet on our high-def doppler radar although you do see some moisture off the coastline. throughout the day we have that area of low pressure that's spinning up moisture in our direction and that could move in later on mostly cloudy right now. the temperatures are in the 50s, reports of sprinkles and showers overnight. but overall, it looks like a
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fairly dry start to the day. but by the afternoon, we could see some of that rain maybe even some thunderstorms making a return to the bay area. more on that coming up. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> the roads may be slick including parts of the north bay where showers moved through earlier why. so just watch out a little bit. if you are commuting through marin county southbound 101 looks okay across the golden gate bridge but this was an earlier hotspot. the traffic alert has now been lifted. unfortunately, for a while up to four lanes were blocked. this is a five-car crash southbound 101 approaching marinwood so again all lanes are reopened about 10, 15 minutes ago. unfortunately, it's still backed up through novato. some speed sensors are below 25 miles per hour. once you get past the exit, then things look good down towards san rafael. elsewhere if your commute takes you along the peninsula, here's a live look at 101 past candlestick. and it looks great all the way down towards sfo heading out of town with an early-morning flight over to sfo. you should see no delay on 101, 280 is moving fine.
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westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass we have a whole lot of brake lights through livermore and the dublin-pleasanton area. 22 minutes is that drive time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. our other slow spot highway 4 through antioch, a quick look at the bay bridge. the metering lights are not on yet. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. the oakland as staying alive in the play-offs a big win against the tigers last night and today they have home field advantage in a win or go home game number 5 tonight. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran with more on oakland as fever. it's contagious. >> reporter: that's right. win or go home, do or die, make it or break. it's the big game tonight after last night's nail-biter. but it did end in uproar. >> kris wilson to right field a base hit, seth submit coming around! the owning as will live another day! game five tomorrow!
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>> reporter: detroit was one win away from moving to the championship but our as made a remarkable comeback. the tigers ahead by two runs in the bottom of the 9th and the as brought in three runs to win the game 4-3. was coco crisp the star of the night lacing a single to right to deliver the winning run at seth smith tied it with a two-run double. >> wow, just not giving up. playing to that final out. man, the guys in front of us did a fantastic job. >> reporter: you might have noticed something on his face. as per traician did, chris got a pie in the face from his teammate. then they washed it down with gatorade. tonight the coliseum game is at 6:30. i just checked stubhub. they start at $83. on craigslist $100. so jump on that early. live in oakland, cate caugiran,
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cbs 5. sandoval high and deep. will it stay fair? that is way, way out of here. >> and the giants also had a win yesterday to stay alive. they pounded the reds in cincinnati 8-3. that series is even at two games apiece. game time today a lot of bars open in san francisco, 10:00 start. cincinnati time our time here. it's 6:08. it's a one-time only competition as vice president joe biden debates republican vice-presidential nominee paul ryan. randall pinkston joins us now live from danville, kentucky site of the showdown this evening. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. four years ago, when joe biden debated sarah palin, more people watched that debate than watched president obama -- then senator obama and senator mccain. tonight, of course, biden will be facing off against ryan. we'll see if there's as much interest on the part of the public but certainly on the part of the campaign there is
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intense interest. biden has to reverse the slide of support that has occurred since president obama's lackluster performance when he faced off against mitt romney in the first debate. and ryan will be trying to make sure he doesn't go off message that he maintains a very strict discipline with respect to mitt romney's positions. ryan of course has put forth some budgetary proposals that romney has said listen, i'm the guy in charge, i'm going to be the one who will make sure that the policies that are in place will be my policies. so ryan is going to have to make sure he is in sync with romney. but all in all, you know, romney has the momentum now and we'll see how it turns out tonight. >> you talked about the strategy. we are watching the presidential debate and there weren't too many sparks flying in that debate. do you think that's going to happen in this one? >> well, you know, you can always count on vice president biden to say something interesting. the question is, whether he
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will have to perhaps back away from it later on. he is renowned for his gaffs but we also know that biden is a very, very experienced politician. he has been in the senate for a lot of years. he knows how to debate on the floor of congress and he made a very spirited defense of the obama record at the democratic convention. expect the same thing to happen here tonight. >> do you think there will be as many viewers for this vice- presidential debate as there was four years ago? >> reporter: who knows? it's unlikely given the fact that sarah palin had so much more of a, dare we say it -- wow factor politically than does ryan? but there will be a lot of interest. i was just looking at a google board. google has this tracking system. and a lot of people are look at both candidates as they travel around. you can see spikes on google in
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terms of the interest in ryan and especially ryan but the interest in biden has been sort of flat. so maybe people know what they need to know about him. maybe ryan is more interesting because he is new to the national political scene. we'll see how it plays out at the debate. >> we will see. live in kentucky, thank you. and you can catch live coverage of the evening debate starting at 6:00 tonight on cbs 5 and it is 6:11 now. why a popular breakfast cereal is being recalled. >> and bears on the loose at a school. take a look. the chaos caused by a mom and her three cubs. >> sometimes you want to read for a purpose. and then sometimes you like that purpose you want to get more motivated to do it. >> a bay area principal gets slimed for a good cause. the creative way he is turning students into bookworms. this week's "cool school" when we come back. ,,,,
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ dance class, shopping, and more. so do something nice for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. time.. well, check this out. a black bear and her three cubs caused an elementary school to be locked down. the bears ran on the school grounds in issaquah, washington. by the time police and wildlife officials showed up with a dog, the bears were gone. they probably went back to a creek down the street where plenty of salmon are running right now. but those bears caused quite a scare. >> i was going to say, imagine the kids? oh, my gosh, look at that! >> no kidding. well, as you said, bring the zoo to school. right? >> that's right. a real-life wildlife lesson. looks good. a little family, so cute. all right. let's go out live towards the bay bridge. things are really beginning to heat up. it didn't take very wrong. it's because the metering lights were -- it didn't take
6:16 am
very long. it's because the metering lights were turned on a few minutes ago. it's stacking up in the cash and fastrak lanes back to the overcrossing. other bridges pretty much free and clear nice and quiet across the san mateo bridge right now. the right side of your screen is westbound 9. should be about a 14 or 15-minute drive time out of hayward towards foster city. to our maps, we have alan brooks in mobile 5 southbound on the nimitz. he just got through the maze southbound on 880 driving through oakland where it's a smooth ride all the way towards hayward right now. elsewhere it is very slow and go once again through antioch. no surprises, just your usual commuter traffic here and then it improves towards the pittsburg-bay point area. once again oakland as we have been talking about this, this morning so this could impact the evening commute home. oakland as versus tigers first pitch, 6:37. so just want to give you a quick live look near the
6:17 am
coliseum. right now, everything is pretty quiet northbound and southbound of 880. wider look and your drive time is 16 minutes northbound 880 between 238 and the maze, mass transit on time. that is your "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast and doppler, here's lawrence. >> it's been a wild couple of days around the bay area. had some thunderstorms popping up, reports of some big-time hail this morning, fairly quiet early on although we have had some showers move through overnight so roads are a little slick. most of that activity back off the coastline right now maybe some light sprinkles. there is a chance of thunderstorms especially toward the afternoon. get a little of that afternoon heating, all that moisture in the area and that wraparound moisture coming from that low could spark a couple of thunderstorms especially south of the golden gate bridge. that area of low pressure that's been spinning up the trouble over the last couple of days working into southern california finally going to move onshore by tomorrow so that's when things will settle down but today could be another interesting day outside. a lot of clouds out there,
6:18 am
cooler-than-normal temperatures and then in the afternoon you get a little afternoon heating and you have a good wave moving through in parts of the south bay that could spark some thunderstorms late in the day. temperatures going to be running well below average about 6 to 11 degrees below average of 69 degrees livermore, 68 san jose, 64 san francisco. the next couple of days we'll keep the temperatures down although it should be dry tomorrow much warmer weather over the weekend and by the middle of next week, offshore wins some temperatures near 90. it's the foundation to any good education, reading. but not all kids like to read. >> it's true. for some they need a little added motivation. our lady of grace in castro valley found the perfect plan. that's why they are cbs 5's "cool school" of the week. william briscoe is not your typical principal. he prides himself in knowing each an every one of of his 230 students. at castro valley's our lady of
6:19 am
grace school. >> it's cool because after a week he was here, he learned our names. after one week. >> reporter: he is also a brilliant motivator. >> we're reading. >> reporter: he has given the kids incentive to hit the books. a month long reading challenge. >> this is a fox. >> reporter: the students read a combined 100,000 minutes in october of 2010. >> he is looking for dinner. >> reporter: the principal said they could green slime him with shampoo. guess what. he got slimed. >> the vo5 shampoo got under the goggles and i was temporarily blinded for five minutes so i had to kind of feel may way over to my office. >> sometimes you want to read for a purpose. sometimes you like to purpose you want to get more motivated. >> reporter: you like the purpose, don't you? >> yes. >> reporter: the kids met their goal again in 2011. and mr. brusco was relegated to
6:20 am
the rooftop for an entire schoolday! >> we have a very imaginative group and they are creative. >> reporter: come november mr. brusco will be at it again. this time the kids get to pick his wardrobe for a week and the students are already scheming. >> some people in our classroom say they want him to wear high heels. >> like a princess peach, too. our teacher has a big costume. >> reporter: that would work? >> yeah. >> reporter: let's hope so because that's what makes our lady of grace this week's -- >> "cool school"! whoo! >> the high heels. >> he heard that he went, i don't think so. >> it's hilarious. love it. >> mr. brusco had to sign a waiver because some of the stunts get crazy but it's all in good fun. as you can see the kids love him. got the whole school reading. and that's what it's all about. >> apparently, he is afraid of heights too. >> definitely afraid of heights. he said once i was up there i was okay but when he had to go down and up, it's like are you
6:21 am
kidding me? he had to do p.e. classes from up there. >> that's great incentive to do well in school if you can punish the principal a little bit. so what's cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website, and we may come and feature school on the show a little later. >> it's 6:21. a warning before you pour yourself a bowl of cereal. why millions of boxes of mini wheats are being recalled. >> plus it was an improbable ending in oakland last night. how the as managed to pull off a big come-from-behind win in the 9th inning coming your way. ,,,,,, measures... measure up. money to our schools. "misleading." out here. it. but there's hope. straight to our schools... keeps it there. politicians.
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box before you eat your breakfast... kelloggs is recalling millis welcome back.
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check your cereal box before breakfast this morning. kellogg's is recalling millions of boxes of its mini wheats bite-sized cereal because of fears they may contain metal fragmentsful the company says there was an issue with the manufacturing parts and it is possible but unlikely that fragments of metal mesh could be inside the serial box. they have the letters kbat or sk before or after the best if used before date. go to and click on "links and numbers" for a complete list of the recalled cereal. amazing your oakland as facing elimination last night game four against the tigers and they won. bottom of the 9th as down 3-1. seth smith rides in with a double to tie up the game and they coco crisp gives the as another walkoff win 4-3. decisive game 5 is at 6:30 tonight at the coliseum. lots of people will be watching that. >> how about the giants in they got fired up again in cincinnati. gregor blanco puts them ahead for good with a home run in the
6:26 am
2nd and then tim lincecum came up out of the bullpen to get the lead and the win. final score 8-3. game five set to go at 10:00 our time this morning in a winner-take-all. how about your play of the day? turns out the as don't have a copyright on walkoff victories. the yankees and orioles we are in the 12th. it's tied not anier mo raoul ibanez hit the game winning home run to right field. he had tied it in the 9th with a pinch hit home run and he is our play of the day. mr. ibanez, living large, yankees lead that series now 2 games to 1. all right. 6:26 right now. coming up, facing off before millions. tonight the one and only vice- presidential debate takes place. >> plus an arsonist strikes again in san jose. how neighbors are responding to the growing danger there. >> a new clue could link the "speed freak" killers to missing girl michaela garecht. we'll hear from her mother
6:27 am
next. >> skies are mostly cloudy, a few showers this morning, maybe more thunderstorms this afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. it's thursday, october 11. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. new hope this morning for a bay area mother dealing with the loss of her daughter for decades. >> police are testing a bone fragment linked to the "speed freak" killers and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec in hayward where investigators are minutes away from holding a press conference about garecht. >> reporter: good morning. they are going to explain some
6:31 am
of the clues to us here this morning. coming up in a few minutes. of course, we'll bring you the latest as police reveal new information in this case. but they have tested a bone fragment here at the hayward police department. the results originally came back inconclusive and they sent the bone fragment to virginia and the results are expected to take weakness. michaela garecht was abducted here in hayward in 1988 at age 9. this bone fragment was initially given to the family of another victim joann hobson's remains found in a well in linden, a well where remains from victims. two serial killers dubbed the "speed freak" killers had been found back in february. when hobson's family received the remains, they ordered these tests. they were suspicious after seeing investigators dig up the burial site with a backhoe. >> the way that they bulls her out with those big steel claws,
6:32 am
and i saw that on tv, i was horrified. >> reporter: now, the testing they ordered found 28 of the bone fragments given to the family belonged to other people. at least three other people including a child between the ages of 5 and 14. >> i think truly shameful, you know? i have to thank joann hobson's family because they received their daughter's remains; and rather than just accepting it, they went to the trouble of having it tested. >> reporter: now, a sketch of michaela's alleged kidnapper looks similar to serial killer loren herzog. his killing spree partner wrote a jail am house letter calling him out saying herzog had family that lived in castro valley right by hayward. now, michaela's mother wrote on her facebook page last night, i don't know how to live right now in this waiting time. >> reporter: again, press conference expected here within
6:33 am
the next few minutes. we'll bring you the latest live in hayward, anne makovec, cbs 5. hercules police have gone to washington to talk with two likely suspects in the murder of a retired teacher. the two are in custody for a crime spree that began with a jail break in san bernardino county in august and ended with a police chase near seattle yesterday. police spotted the stolen car of murder victim susie ko. they say the driver rammed patrol cars with the subaru. they arrested 24-year-old darnell washington and his 25- year-old wife tania. >> we just know they were in the stolen vehicle and certainly are people that we want to talk to. if they are not the suspects, then hopefully they can give us information that will lead us back to the suspect. >> reporter: hercules police have gone to washington to question the couple about ko's killing. they are also suspects in the attempted murder of an l.a. county sheriff's deputy last month. a serial trash bin arsonist strikes again in west san jose. kcbs radio's matt bigler joins us with more on this arsonist
6:34 am
apparently targeting the same area. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right right. there have been at least nine trash bin fires in this area bascomb and downing which is in west san jose. in fact, right here is the most recent trash bin that caught on fire. i should say it was lit on fire last night. fortunately neighbors saw what was happening and they were able to put out this blaze even before fire crews arrived. now, this most recent fire was even more brazen because earlier yesterday firefighters were in the area going door to door asking for neighbors' help to identify this serial arsonist who has apparently lit at least nine of these fires in the past several weeks. neighbors are concerned especially since these fires are break out at night. >> we are here sleeping at night and we don't hear it. i'm a very light sleeper but i don't hear anything out here last night. >> reporter: so far the fires have not done any serious
6:35 am
damage simply the trash inside these dumpsters and some vegetation and some trees and that sort of thing but arson investigators say it's a pretty simple matter for a fire in a dumpster to spread to a carport or a house and then start doing some real damage and threaten lives. they would certainly like anyone who has seen anything suspicious involving the area around dumpsters or vegetation to call the san jose fire department or san jose police. live from the scene in west san jose, matt bigler for cbs 5. >> thank you. it's 6:35 right now. why don't we get a check on the weather? >> a little bit of rain and lightning and more to come? >> yeah. couple of fun days around the bay area. loving this weather. very interesting outside. today we have more clouds out there but yesterday afternoon, what a wild afternoon! near the watsonville area had a severe thunderstorm rotating on by. heavy downpours, lots of lightning strikes. even reports of some big-time hail between a nickel and a quarter size. that is big hail for california, folks. nonetheless, fairly quiet right now. you can see some showers off
6:36 am
the coastline. maybe some light sprinkles showing up around the bay area but a lot of that wrap around moisture moving through today. another chance of thunderstorms especially as we head into the afternoon. then it looks like things will finally begin to quiet down and there's a major warmup on the horizon. we'll have more on that in a couple of minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> reporter: we are tracking a couple of different problem spots across the bay area. couple of big accidents including one northbound 101 approaching julian street. this is a motorcycle wreck. sounds like two lanes could be blocked backing up towards capitol expressway. as you can see in our live drive time sensors, elsewhere towards the east bay westbound 80 approaching gilman at berkeley another accident there. it's really stacking up down the eastshore freeway. your drive time continues to grow, as well. it's already up to a half hour on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. also pretty busy already this morning on westbound 580 coming through the altamont pass. to marin county now we had an earlier traffic alert southbound 101 near the marinwood exit. everything has been cleared.
6:37 am
it's actually been cleared for a while but it's slow through novato. once you get toward san rafael, the waldo grade and golden gate bridge, everything is fine. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. a one-time only competition as vice president joe biden debates republican vice- presidential nominee paul ryan. >> randall pinkston joins us live from danville, kentucky site of the evening showdown. good morning. >> reporter: a lot riding on the race for both candidates tonight. vice-presidential joe biden and paul ryan. ryan will be trying to keep the momentum going for mitt romney. >> reporter: congressman paul ryan arrived at kentucky ahead of his first nationally televised debate. the number 2 man on the gop ticket told reporters earlier in florida, voters will see a clear choice when he faces off against vice president joe biden. >> joe biden has been on this
6:38 am
stage before. he has been on these big stages. it's my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible ortho. they are just offering more of the same. >> reporter: ryan will face an opponent who occasionally causes controversy with freewheeling statements but republicans also know vice president biden is a seasoned debater. >> nothing like standing up before 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 million people. >> reporter: usually vice- presidential debates don't greatly impact elections but after the president's lackluster performance at the first debate with mitt romney, many believe democrats desperately need the vice president to deliver tonight. >> what it will do especially for the obama campaign after this horrific debate that president obama had last week it could stop the bleeding. >> reporter: new polls from three battleground states show romney now has a one-points edge in colorado. in wisconsin the race is tightening. the president's 6-point lead before his first debate with romney is now down to three points while in virginia, the president has a five-point
6:39 am
lead. romney and the president debate for the second time next week in new york. >> and despite the poll numbers that are showing that mitt romney's gaining support this morning on "cbs this morning," advisor david axelrod insists there is no slide in support for president obama that in fact there is no momentum for mitt romney... we'll see what happens after tonight. randall pinkston, cbs 5. >> we will have to see whacks tonight but what strategies can we expect from both ryan and biden? >> reporter: well, of course, ryan will be focusing on the economic numbers. he knows the numbers and he will be talking about the failures in the obama administration, failures to create jobs, failures to fix the -- what's wrong with the economy while violent biden will be mounting a defense just as he did at the democratic national convention and, of course, biden will also be trying to make sure he doesn't make any gaffs.
6:40 am
>> well, we'll be watching along with many others. randall pinkston live in kentucky, thank you. and remember, you can catch live coverage of the evening's debate starting at 6 p.m. right here on cbs 5 and also 6:40 now. the oakland as staying alive in the play-offs coming from behind against the tigers and they have home field advantage tonight at the coliseum. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran over at the coliseum with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes. do or die or make or break. tonight is the night. last night when the tigers thought they had us, "occupy our oakland as showed us we had a little bit of magic left. >> seth smith coming around and the oakland as will live another day game five tomorrow. >> reporter: there was uproar on the field as the as came back with a three-run rally in the 9th inning to beat the
6:41 am
detroit tigers 4-3. but the crowd went crazy for coco crisp. he drove home seth smith completing the comeback for the win. >> i'm glad to have the opportunity to be able to do it. reddick did a great job. smitty, jd, the guys, without them obviously i wouldn't be in this situation right now. it was awesome. >> reporter: crisp also got a post-game treat. john reddick pied his teammate during the post-game interview. they let him wash it off with gatorade. tonight's game at the coliseum at 6:30. hopefully you have your tickets already. they start online at $80 to $100. don your green and gold today and wish the oakland as good luck. live in oakland, cate caugiran, cbs 5. sandoval high and deep. will it stay fair? that is way, way out of here. >> and the giants also had a win yesterday to stay alive and
6:42 am
they did in a big way pounding the reds in cincinnati 8-3. that series even at two games apiece, as well. game time today do or die 10:00 today our time. giants and the reds. 6:42. not just a debate star. how big bird is now making a big splash in halloween, as well. >> i guess so. plus, case closed? the latest evidence from the investigation into alleged doping by lance armstrong. >> and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. take a quick check of the board. and right now, everything looks good. the dow is up 44. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks when we come back.
6:43 am
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just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. for several minutes this guy weaved in and out of traffi, jumped up on sidewalks, andn cameras catch a man taking a joyride on an atv in oakland. he jumped up on the sidewalks,
6:46 am
ran through stop lights and disappeared into the trees. we initially heard he was being chased but oakland police, chp officers and the sheriff's department don't know anything about it. so off he goes. >> all right, then. >> canopy of trees. >> guess so. 6:46 right now. let's check weather. you have been really busy. >> it's been great. i have been really excited about it. a lot of showers and thunderstorms around the bay area yesterday, today we could see somewhat of a repeat although a little quieter outside this morning. some scattered light showers being report around the bay area early on today but you can see on our high-def doppler radar most of that moisture is off the coast. it doesn't mean that we're done just yet with the showers as things stay very unsettled. a lot of wrap around moisture keeps skies mostly cloudy this morning still a chance of a couple of light sprinkles outside. a mix of sun and clouds and some cool temperatures this afternoon. but then again a chance of some showers, maybe even some thunderstorms especially in the southern half of the bay area. all caused by this area of low pressure spinning its way ever
6:47 am
so slowly into southern california. a lot of that wraparound moisture into the bay area again today combined with afternoon heating could give rise to more thunderstorms. in fact models picking up on some of the moisture had late in the day. 7:00 showers into morgan hill, also towards san jose. possibly some embedded thunderstorms. arrival delays at sfo 70 minutes this morning. partly cloudy should clear things out a little by the afternoon. this afternoon, 82 houstonston, 70 denver. new york nice at 57. this afternoon temperatures cooler than average. 60s and low 70s. next couple of days we'll start to clear out and warm up throughout the weekend. maybe even getting near 90 degrees by the middle of next week. that would be nice. >> rain, sunshine, 90s, not too bad. thanks, lawrence. let's take you outside show you some of our live traffic cameras. we have a number of problems. no problem at the bay bridge but a lot of cars heading into san francisco. you can see the metering lights were turned on before 6:30 so we're stacking up in cash and
6:48 am
fastrak lanes. it's a little difficult to tell you about it is backing up towards about the 880 overcrossing. and growing. elsewhere to ou maps, northbound 101 at julian all lanes open but look at this a lot of slow traffic. it's jammed up from at least capitol expressway so this was a motorcycle accident. it was blocking a couple of lanes for a while so consider highway 85. in the meantime, once again that traffic alert has been canceled. elsewhere to berkeley westbound 80 approaching gilman accident blocking a left lane so it's slow and go from richmond. drive time in the red now 37 minutes already from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so this is definitely heavier traffic than we typically see. usually about 20 minutes this time of the morning. westbound 580 also pretty slow and go leaving the altamont pass out towards the dublin interchange. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. the u.s. anti-doping agency says lance armstrong was the
6:49 am
master mind of widespread doping and it has 11 former teammates of armstrong's to back up that claim. the seven-time tour de france champ had dared the agency to prove that he had cheated and now they claim that they have enough evidence to say armstrong was at the center of, quote, the most sophisticated doping program for professional cycling has ever seen. armstrong's lawyer calls the report a one-sided hatchet job. some encouraging news about jobs this morning. here to talk about that jason brooks with kcbs and on a thursday. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the big drop in jobless claims brings the level down to 339,000 something we have not seen since february of 2008 down 30,000. that's good news after we saw the september jobless rate fall to 7.8% which was at a nearly four-year low. four-week average down to 364,000. could be a big buy-out in the wireless space. japan's soft link corporation
6:50 am
is looking to buy third place carrier sprint for upwards of $12.8 billion. that's got sprint shares higher this morning and the market looking to snap a losing skid. but rough go, back-to-back triple-digit losses for the dow. the dow is up 34 points right now on the jobs news. nasdaq is up 20. s&p up 7. sprint shares up 13% on that news. pleasanton based safeway reporting its earnings topped on profits missed on revenue its shares down 4.5%. back to you guys. >> thank you, jason brooks with kcbs and san jose-based ebay has a new look. take a look. the online retailer redesigned its website hoping to encourage visit forest browse and collect items to buy later. ebay also launched a new camcasion called ebay now that lets shoppers order items from other retailers with same-day delivery. 6:50. it's a website that sort of mixes business and pleasure. founder dating is you had to as
6:51 am
a virtual cupid for would-be entrepreneurs trying to find the perfect business partner to launch up a startup company. jessica alter cofounded the site after she had a hard time finding someone to start a business with. >> what we are trying to do is enable entrepreneurship and the reason we are doing it with people is we believe it's the biggest area. >> members have an extensive vetting process before joining. well, thanks to mitt romney, big bird has become a big hit when it comes to halloween costumes and we're not talking about the pg-13 outfit. online retailers are rushing out with sexy big bird costumes. there's also sassy big bird outfits. romney during the debate of course said he likes big bird but will not hesitate to cut funding for public television. obama's campaign came out with a big bird ad to attack mr. romney. >> i do like the tights though. >> that's good. not the hat. >> no. 6:51. a final check of your top stories coming up. >> plus looking to catch
6:52 am
today's play-off as game in person? how you can still get tickets: we'll tell you how coming up. ,,,,,,
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daughter disappeared decades ago. cbs-5 reporter anne makovecs on the phone in hayward ... where police are talking ths hour about the michaela gart kidnapping. a new clue could bring closure to a woman whose daughter disappeared decades ago. anne makovec joins us by phone. >> reporter: not a lot of new information in the press conference i just stepped out of. the police sergeant in hayward
6:56 am
confirmed a couple of reasons they are looking at the fact that a bone fragment found in a well in linden could be connected to the michaela garecht case. now, michaela garecht was abducted in hayward in 1988. she was 9 years old. the police sergeant says that that time frame fits with the time when the so-called "speed freak" killers, these two serial killers, went on a killing rampage. although it was a few years before other victims were killed. the time frame fits the bone fragment they fit belongs to a child between 5 and 14 years old. again, michaela garecht was 9. so this bone fragment was one of many that were found in this well in linden and one of several bone fragments given to the mother of joann hobson. she was one of the "speed freak" killers' victims. so the hayward pd did some
6:57 am
testing initially, it was inconclusive and they have sent the bone fragment to the fbi crime lab in virginia. the result could take weeks. we have heard from michaela garecht's mother writing on her facebook page overnight. "i don't know how to live right now in this waiting time." that's the latest live from hayward. anne makovec, cbs 5. >> maybe some closure. thank you, anne makovec live on the telephone. san jose's serial arsonist striking again. a garbage bin set on fire around 8:00 last night on the 11-block of delna manor lane the same area fire officials handed out some flyers about the arsons earlier yesterday. the fire was put out though by good samaritans before crews got on scene. this is the ninth such fire in that area. >> 6:57. tonight's the night for the one and only vice-presidential debate this year. vice president joe biden and paul ryan will lock horns in danville, kentucky. you can see it right here live at 6 p.m. on cbs 5 and check it out on
6:58 am
our website, 6:58 on the nose. let's check weather on -- hey, we're getting close to the weekend. >> we are. i think the weekend is going to be okay but still have some showers around the bay area, some light showers overnight. things quieting down a bit but we get a little afternoon heating that wrap around moisture maybe some more showers and thunderstorms in the southern half of the bay area by the afternoon. temperatures cooler than normal only in the 60s and low 70s. warmer weather toward the weekend. and by the middle of next week, maybe close to 90 degrees in some of the hottest spots. >> what a difference a week makes. all right. thanks, lawrence. let's go out to the south bay. we are still tracking this hotspot. look at that. it is a big backup right now on northbound 101. the accident was at julian. it's stacked up towards capitol expressway. the accident is cleared from lanes. it's off to the right-hand shoulder but you may want to use highway 85 instead of 101 until that completely recovers. elsewhere towards the east bay westbound 80 at gilman that accident finally cleared out of lanes. very stop and go leaving
6:59 am
richmond. drive time already up to 40 minutes down the eastshore freeway from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and getting a quick look at the bay bridge, never mind, it's backed up almost -- [ laughter ] >> okay. >> we believe you. >> bay area baseball fans have a big day today. >> we do. all thanks to a lot of drama last night. >> kris wilson to right field a base hit! seth smith coming round! the oakland as -- >> they won the game 4-3 over the tigers. today do or die game time oakland 6:30. tickets through ticketmaster sold out but you can get them online ranging from $80 to $100. the giants pounded the reds in cincinnati 8-3. the panda going yard here. series even at 2 games apiece. game time today at 10 a.m. captions by: caption colorado great day.


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